FAQ and Pin Grading Info

Where do you ship to?

I currently am able to ship worldwide. The caveat is that for orders to the UK and EU, there is a minimum required value for tax purposes. For the EU, that is 150€. For the UK, that is 135£. Any orders to those destinations for less than that sum will have to be refunded. 

What are your processing times?

Make sure to ask Veek, my batty assistant to the lower right of the screen! :)

(For in-stock items, it can vary between 3-10 business days due to disability. If this ends up increasing due to extenuating circumstance, I add a freebie to the package and will usually email you.)

For preorders, it varies highly, especially due to longer manufacturing and shipping times since the onset of the plague.

What do your shipping estimates mean?

The shipping estimates upon checkout tell an approximation of how many business days the item may take to arrive after shipment. That is still the case with preorder listings, shipping time always means after the item has physically been packed up and shipped out.

What shipping carriers do you use?

For US and Canadian orders, USPS is the preferred carrier. For US-only orders, UPS may be used instead if more convenient, the shipping times are nearly exact. International orders (excluding Canada) are delivered using Asendia. All of this is to guarantee the lowest prices possible on both our ends.

Are the packages insured? 

Everything I ship from this storefront includes insurance equal to the value of the order up to $200 for USPS, and up to $100 if I have to ship via UPS. Unless the postage cost is a lot higher than was paid, I will always go with USPS for domestic orders totaling over $200 before shipping cost, so that they get that extra insurance applied. International shipments are USPS/Ascendia only.

What does insurance cover? 

It varies, but generally this means if the item arrives damaged. If it goes completely lost (ie tracking stops updating for 30+ days), they will refund for that too. As the seller, I have to file the insurance claims. If I am able to send a replacement out and you still want it, I will send it out once I receive the refund. If not, I will refund you instead. If it is marked delivered but you don't know where it is, they generally will not refund for that. They (and I) have no way of knowing who took it or where it went at that point.

I do not refund or replace jewelry unless it was damaged during shipping or there is a manufacturing flaw.

What do your pin grading standards mean? 

While not handmade by me, pins are still a handmade product. It saves a lot of mental health on my end and also on the end of the factory reps I work with to no longer consider A Grade pins to be the quality standard. A Grade pins have no visible flaws up close, at least from me looking over them. Standard Grade pins have a few extremely minor flaws that can be seen up close, but flaws cannot be distinguished from 2+ feet away. Those flaws may include low enamel, specks or scratches in enamel, specks or scratches in the metal plating, slightly miscolored enamel, slightly flawed printing, and the like. Seconds grade pins are ones with noticeable flaws even at a distance. These may include flaws like holes/craters in the enamel (caused by bubbles that were polished down), large or dark specks in the enamel or metal, very significantly low or missing enamel, smeared or very uneven printing, overflowed enamel, really deep scratches in the enamel, visible metal behind glitter. When I sell seconds grade pins at conventions, people usually do not care about the flaws and happily purchase them anyway. 

Which grade do you recommend for which use? 

I strongly recommend only getting seconds or standard grade pins for wear, because they will get scratched or scuffed up that way regardless. A Grade pins are best for in-home display. 

Do you ever run holiday sales? 

No, I stopped doing that over a year prior to launching this storefront. There are extremely rare circumstances where I still do, but it's solely on a case-by-case basis. I stock with www.keicollective.com and they do some holiday sales, however, but I don't always opt-in.

What doesn't apply to promo codes?

Preorders never apply to promo codes, and it will always say this during checkout after you have entered one in. Unfortunately, there is no easy way for me to actually exclude that entire category from the code, so I have to trust that you won't try to take advantage, and refund if you do.

Where can I find your merch in-person? 

Currently, I stock with the aforementioned Kei Collective in Phoenix, AZ, but I also stock with Heroes & Villains in Tucson, AZ. If you would like to keep up with my current convention schedule, please check out the page for that here! 

Where else can I find your merch online? 

If you are looking for the ApoYume preorder store and want your purchase to go towards supporting the dev of the game, please go here. Thank you!