On sale $55.00 - $120.00


PLEASE NOTE: shipping prices are included with this listing! If you want to order other items, please contact me first if you want to check if they would fit in the box with your mystery items. If the answer is yes, you can pay for the additional items via paypal without paying extra shipping.

For vegan preference, it was too difficult to curate enough vegan options for the larger sizes. If you are vegan you are limited to the mini sized box (small flat rate). Sincere apologies. 🙇‍♀️

Products deemed vegan may contain artificial colorings (that to my research are no longer derived from anything living), but if you'd prefer to make your own judgment call on this you should message me for ingredient info.


These are lucky bags to help clear out old stock! "Fukubukuro" are typically sold on New Year's Day in Japan at nearly all major retailers and include old and exclusive stock.

These Fukubukuro all contain a pin that otherwise is only obtainable by chance through gacha spins! Other inclusions are snacks (hence the notice above), retired/retiring merch, and officially licensed stickers from back when I did resin crafting. The value of the included items ranges from $65-$200 (depending on box size ordered). Retiring stock doesn't necessarily mean stock that didn't sell - a lot are things that sold at conventions that don't sell well online and vice versa. There are also a lot of things I either never listed or never promoted because taking pictures and creating listings is exhausting for me. You WILL also get some more recent merch, but it will not be the majority. I will also mix in some freebies that just didn't move, but I'm not including them in the inherent value of the boxes - that way, those items won't count "against" the novelty of what you are receiving.

I sincerely hope that your 2021 was better than your 2020. Hopefully the next one is even better...