$10.00 - $72.00

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New fish gacha! Each fish design has several printed colors (a minimum of 2, maximum of 7). They are ~22mm wide and majority are soft enamel with epoxy coating, "rainbow" and "skeleton" are hard enamel.

Detailed colorway descriptions:
• RAINBOW: a rainbow of printed scales and fins on top of a glittery white enamel base. 6 printed colors in total.
• SKELETON: Glow in the dark ink of a cartoonish skeleton paired with fin lines that do not glow to give a bit of depth to the design. 2 printed colors in total.
• 痛い: "Itai" in Japanese means "it hurts!"/that something is painful. This poor little guy has had a rough go of it. Dyed blue metal slightly darker than the light blue enamel with 4 printed colors.
• LAVA LAMP: Featuring glow in the dark orange printing on black enamel with dyed black metal. 2 printed colors in total.
• POSSESSED: All eyes are on him, and he can't bear to speak up about it. Black nickel metal and glittery black enamel with 6 colors printed, the green glowing in the dark.
• GOLDEN TAIYAKI: A delicious treat with strawberry frosting and sprinkles! Dyed metal and 7 printed colors.
• MATCHA TAIYAKI: A delicious treat with chocolate frosting and sprinkles! Dyed metal and 7 printed colors.
• TARO TAIYAKI: A delicious treat with raspberry frosting and sprinkles! Dyed metal and 7 printed colors.

These are inspired by fish (of course); this year my beloved african cichlid Five turned 4 years old in March, and I really wanted to do something inspired by her. That's why these are not the typical goldfish silhouette. I am still not quite sure what I will design to honor my snakes, that has left me in a conundrum for years, so in the meantime you get this. :')

If these fish are successful, a series 2 may exist in the future! A series 2 of the mini bats was being designed, but I already have a bonkers number of colorways of that mold, and have had to have the mold remade twice, now - I have since changed manus yet again and really don't want to have it made a 3rd...so they are on an indefinite hold. A series 2 of the moths is still possible.

Please do keep in mind that enamel pins are majority handmade, so they are by no means perfect. Minor flaws are to be expected, but all pins that I sell as standard grade are at least free of any flaws that can be seen from further than arm's length away. A grades have no perceptible flaws up-close, at least to me, and are rare for that reason.