Cat Paw Wand Necklaces with Lab Opals - 6 opals each pendant - 45mm tall

$40.00 - $42.00

Plated with precious metals and fully 3D with enamel and opal accents, these stunning little pendants are an amazing accessory to any outfit!

♡ 45mm tall, 2mm chain links, 18" or 22" chain length (new higher quality chains have arrived!)
♡ Matching small heart at the end of each chain
♡ Upgraded stamped logo on the back, rather than engraved
♡ Final necklaces have pinch bail (refer to final 2 photos) instead of jump ring
♡ Additional colors being made are light purple, and black
♡ Hypoallergenic brass base with precious metal plating
♡ 4 oval, 1 heart, and 1 flatback circle lab opal per pendant
♡ Glittery hard enamel winding down the wand handle
♡ Bow optional, can request knot to be glued

This will be worn by character Akina in DLC 1 for Apocalyptic Dream, a Midnight Springs video game in production (sprite art not yet finished).