Demon Pompom Keychains


These are so cute! I'm super happy with how they came out, and I'm sure you will love yours. As with the other designs in my shop, they are my own brainchild!

They are 18CM wingtip to wingtip, and approximately 10CM tall including clasps. Some colorways have silver horns while some have gunmetal-colored horns. Their irises are also not all the same colors!

There are currently quite a few colorways, so be sure to study the options closely! The last photo is of my display at AWA in October of '23, where I debuted them for sale for the first time.

Their eyes are glued on with extremely strong adhesive, but regardless, please be careful with them. The horns are rivets, so like the cat paw pompoms, they screw and unscrew - they can't be yanked off. Some of the wings are sewn in, some are glued. I have no idea why they vary, and made it clear that in the future I want them sewn only. Sorry about that.

These are VERY low quantities for most colorways. I plan to order more at the end of this year in most colorways, so let me know if you have any colorway suggestions via the contact form. Thank you!