(MADE TO ORDER) Mini Bat Faux Fur Pompom Charms - 2 colors! Pastel Purple - Pink - Dark Purple


These are approximately 8cm (body) pompom bats! They are faux fur of course, with a "long pile" texture (very poofy and soft). They are modeled after my sold out 10cm dark purple bat pompoms I used to have, before the manufacturer disappeared.

They have black felt wings that are designed to look like the bat is hanging upside-down. Each bat has matching color polkadot bows with the backs sewn shut individually to reduce the risk of breakage. The former version I kept in stock had faux leather wings, but they had their own faults and ultimately were of lesser quality and far less stable than the felt.

Please note: the way these wings are adhered, it is unfortunate that the edges are buried a bit in the long fibres of the pompom, giving off the appearance of being horns when at a certain angle. This has been factored into the price, and a future order of them would be 1) 2cm larger to match my old bats, 2) with more defined wings, 3) more expensive by $5+.