OMAMORI Embroidered Good Luck Charm - Ward Away Evil Type

$13.00 - $15.00

This is a "ward away evil" (厄除, pronounced ya-koo-yo-keh) type of omamori, meant to be a protection charm. They are not blessed, though, so this is primarily for novelty. They do contain my good will and best wishes, though. ♡

As the rest of my art, this is an original design. It's inspired by the dread of feeling like you are being watched and that something bad will happen, right before something unfortunate does occur. It is not intended to have any religious implications.
I hope it will be of some use to someone. ♡

You can choose to have either a purple or pink eye bell, or even none at all! All are filled with a cotton-polyester type filling, and have long ropes that you can cut to your desired length.

To be respectful of their origin, please DO NOT open these despite their lack of blessing.