PREORDER Black Pleated High-Waisted Skirt with Black Velvet Ruffle


This skirt perfectly matches the black and white batty crop blouse available here:

It is slightly longer in the back as to avoid the length issue where skirts hike up due to "volume". It features a white heart-shaped button closure over the invisible zipper seam (with a second available in case you need to tighten the waist), silver chain link detailing, belt loops, and a lining layer with velvet ruffle hem.

Invisible side pockets are intended to be added to the final product.

Preorder price is $5 less than it will be when in stock!

SIZE CHART: (minor adjustments may be made)
M: WAIST: 30" (slightly adjustable), FRONT LENGTH: 15", BACK LENGTH: 16.5", HIPS: 39"
L: WAIST: 32" (slightly adjustable), FRONT LENGTH: 16", BACK LENGTH: 17.5", HIPS: 41"
XL: WAIST: 35" (slightly adjustable), FRONT LENGTH: 17.25", BACK LENGTH: 18.75", HIPS: 44"
2XL: WAIST: 38" (slightly adjustable), FRONT LENGTH: 18.25", BACK LENGTH: 20", HIPS: 47"
3XL: WAIST: 42" (slightly adjustable), FRONT LENGTH: 19.5", BACK LENGTH: 21.75", HIPS: 52"
4XL: WAIST: 46" (slightly adjustable), FRONT LENGTH: 20.5", BACK LENGTH: 23.5", HIPS: 57"

Fully designed by Midnight Springs.