PREORDER Dead Tired Hand-Tufted Rug - 68 x 80 CM

On sale $77.00

This is a preorder item. Will be $90 in stock!

This is for a limited run of hand-tufted rugs of the Dead Tired design!* I'm only planning on having her produced once. The first 2 images are of the finished sample, while the last image is of an example of the underneath of a hand-tufted rug, provided by the manufacturer. She is 31.5in x 26.8in. (So, roughly 2 3/4 ft by 2ft.) The final version is intended to have the dark purple facial details of the ghost shaved down a bit further for dimension.

Hand tufting is the process of using a tufting machine (hand-held) to create a rug across a vertically-stretched canvas. It is done manually and not by a self-automating machine, by one person at a time (in a team of people). I also want them to be paid fairly. Thus, it is more expensive to get them produced than for machine-tufted rugs. I hope that this explains why the two rug types are different in price. The final photo shows an example of what the no-slip underneath will be like. The photo taken on the deck is by me, the photo on tile is by the manufacturer. Please keep in mind that colors may differ based on screen color calibration.

Preorder period will be until August 10th or until they are fully-funded! I will not leave this listing open during production. It will probably take a couple of months for these to be finished once started.

I'm only shipping preorders of these within the US. Shipping may raise for in-stock customers due to the weight being slightly variable per rug as per the handmade nature of them. International shipping excluding UK and EU will be available once they are in stock.

*True colors may be different from what is shown on your screen. The final pink is intended to be slightly lighter.