Shinigami Hard Enamel Pin with Printing - 40mm Tall

$8.00 - $15.00

My second-to-last EVER "mainline"/independent pin to be made! By that, I mean designs that are not collaborations or gacha/mini pin collections. This is currently in stock and updated photos will be available soon. As always, these are limited edition and will not be reordered. My grading scale information can be found here:

Printed details are the rose, black details on skull, and pupils. For these pins, the seconds grade pins are mostly ones that have smudged printing (or missing one or both pupils), the enamel is super rippled/uneven, or a lot of bubbling in the metal. May even be all 3. These are not "unsellable" pins and should not look bad at all in something like an ita bag.

Pin design has become so popular that high quality pins are now a rarity and extremely expensive - factories can't keep up. These are handmade products and it can be difficult for them to produce the same quality standard they used to. As a result, pin creating has long been, at least for me, a constant disappointment as my grading standards grew more and more lax as quality dropped more and more, while prices steeply hiked and representatives got more and more aggressive and confrontational. People also don't realize the work that goes into these pins and don't want to or can't afford to pay the higher prices.

It's stressful. I hope you can understand why I choose to be transparent about this.