QUEEN OF NOTHING Small Size Vinyl Stickers (Discounted)


These are 1.5" thick matte vinyl stickers. They are discounted due to how desaturated they turned out.

If you'd like to put this in a discounted sticker pack, check out this listing here: https://midnightsprings.bigcartel.com/product/choose-your-own-small-sticker-pack

If you'd like to purchase the larger version of this design, you can do so here: https://midnightsprings.bigcartel.com/product/queen-of-nothing

Like all sticker-only orders, this ships in a STAMPED envelope. If you'd like to upgrade to tracked shipping, please purchase this listing (or any other category of item), too: https://midnightsprings.bigcartel.com/product/tracked-shipping-for-stickers