Series 1 - Monster Girl Acrylic Charms - double-sided, special clasps

$18.00 - $20.00

First set of 4 monster girls immortalized as acrylic charms! There are 4 totalbatches planned. These are all available as vinyl stickers too, with a few others already who are going to be in later batches.

These are all more expensive than my linked charms usually are because of the costly, unusual clasps. The "mermaid" is discounted because the manufacturer did not make the bottom dangle right and wouldn't remake it. Quantities of zombie are low because the manufacturer "lost" nearly half her stock. Needless to say, I won't be using them again - which is fine I guess, zombie needs to be replaced with her updated artwork (which is on her sticker).

All future batches will also have special, thematically-coordinating clasps as well as smaller dangles on them also! Each design is/will be a limited edition design of only 30pcs each, and also made into stickers. The stickers will be reordered continuously as they sell out!

Batch 2 (coming soon):
☆ Nekomata (illustrated, sticker coming soon!)
☆ Spider Witch (already a sticker!)
☆ Vampire (already a sticker!)
☆ Lilim (already a sticker!)

Batch 3 (coming 2024)
☆ Kitsune
☆ Shinigami (a non-chibi version of her is already a sticker!)
☆ Poltergeist
☆ Devil Nurse

☆ Siren
☆ Alien
☆ Femme Baphomet
☆ Biblical Angel

They are slightly different lengths, but all around 12cm tall including clasps.

Please remember to peel off the plastic film on both sides of your charm for a smooth, crystal-clear finish. Any blemishes in photos or upon arrival are on the plastic film. I personally don't know anyone who peels the films off their acrylic charm merchandise before selling it, so if you have other charms that have arrived looking very scratched, that is probably due to the film there as well!

None of the clasps are designed by me, but they are by independent artists. The Torii is designed by Pao. I am nearly certain the bat is designed by Nyanmi, and that the skull and tentacle are by Jackpot. I may update this with corrected info if I am wrong. Thanks!